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  • Anonymous

    Tried the vegan thing once, made it two whole days!

  • Noone

    Welcome to a year and a half ago….

  • rob frost

    I’ve been trying raw veganism for the past month. Never felt better!

    (And I don’t need a support group.. just youtube!)

  • Anonymous

    Being raw vegan rocks! Been doing it myself for a year and a half, nothing is better in my view. Check out if you are interested! Its my blog about raw food, yoga and meditation!

  • Jeremy

    Vegans taste good.. :)

  • Anonymous

    Vegan for more than four years. Health has never been better, and nothing has to die so I can eat. Bonuses include naturally low cholestrol, not drinking milk meant to fatten baby cows, and not consuming products which will increase my likelihood that I will die from cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

  • JRA

    Sorry I’ll sympathise with your decision and won’t try and convinve you otherwise but don’t spread such misinformation. I’m a vegetarian medical student and you know what? I can present facts in a pretty bias and misinformed way too…

    1. Vegans are the only lifestyle group at high risk of pernicious anaemia without an autoimmune problem.
    2. Smoking decreases the risk of Ulcerative Colitis UC sufferers are 5 times more likely to get colon cancer… you better start smoking tobacco as a Vegan health kick.
    3. Sugar’s vegan right? Salt’s vegan? Right there, the two biggest culprits for people dying from obesity (and related cardiovascular issues) and hypertension.
    4. Something does die so you can eat… granted no animal must die but you don’t perform photosynthesis so your argument is false.

    I know you’ll disregard what I say and carry on your merry way, which is fine, do as you like; but please don’t try and convince the world that Veganism is healthy the evidence isn’t there.

  • Anonymous

    1) Bullshit. Plenty of sources for iron in a vegan diet and I’ve yet to not meet the requirement.
    2) …um, what?
    3) Not if made with bone char. And you’re suggesting because you can eat unhealthy foods on a vegan diet that it’s unhealthy. You can eat human flesh on an omni diet, does that mean you eat human flesh? You can be unhealthy on ANY diet.
    4) This is a straw man argument.

    Veganism is extremely healthy and there are plenty of professional athletes, including Scott Jurek and Robert Cheeke, who are testimonies of this. Learn about basic nutrition. It’s out there.

    You’ll go on your merry way, but the truth is this: you’re just another knee-jerk omnivore without the facts.

  • JRA

    Whoa, don’t get offended and don’t try to offend! ;)

    1) Anaemia isn’t only down to iron deficiency, surprisingly a red blood cell isn’t just a hunk of iron floating in the blood. Pernicious anaemia, and the similar anaemia suffered in vegans, is due to B12 deficiency which nearly exclusively comes from animal products. B12 stores last approximately 4-5 years (not bad really is it?), I didn’t say that you shouldn’t be Vegan I was merely pointing out that it has it’s own shortcomings.

    2) I was arguing that correlation with good outcomes and drawing the conclusion that something is good for you is foolish pseudoscience… nevermind.

    3) Please don’t twist words, I was pointing out that diabetes, cancer, etc risks aren’t simply correlated to omnivore ways. I can be an Omnivore and have minimal risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Originally you claimed a Vegan diet would not “increase my likelihood that I will die from cancer, heart disease, or diabetes”… I was pointing out that the link isn’t that strong. Like you’ve just said yourself.

    4) Admittedly that was just me being pedantic :)

    Veganism is not “extremely” healthy, no doctor will reccomend it and pointing out examples of athletes just brings us back to point #2.

    Re-read my original comment, the words “I’m a vegetarian medical student” are there on the second line, so no I’m not some “knee-jerk omnivore without the facts”, in fact I am somebody who has over a quarter of a million pounds invested into his medical training to repair the misinformation people spread about health, I’m also currently finishing my final year of training under the guidance of a haematologist. Admittedly it isn’t my main interest, I prefer neurology.

    I thought you vegans were supposed to be peaceful people eh? Don’t be so threatened, or for that matter hypocritical when you talk about “knee jerk” reactions.

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