Student vs Homework Pokemon Battle

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    When students consistently don’t study, participate in class or do homework, parents want to know “why we failed them.” I got an e-mail last month from a parent of a student who refused to ever speak up in a class where her grade was determined by her

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    To meet the needs of students and parents in the City of Opelousas, JS Clark Leadership Academy will offer a longer school day, from 8:30am until 4:30pm with an extended day program from 4:30-5:30pm to give students more time for learning, homework and …

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    I only played one Pokémon game, and I didn’t even finish it, so I don’t know if somewhere in its lore there’s a justification as to why the trainers don’t go to school. But if they did, this is probably how their weeknights would be spent: Student vs ..

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    Pokemon trainers across the world are warming up for the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Champions. Loads of fans will descend on Pokemon VGC locations across Europe and the US tobattle in head-to-head competition to try to land a place in the finals in …