Did This Shark Really Deserve To Be Shot?

Having a giant shark caught on your reel may be frightening for some but this guy dealt with it in his own way… all while Jason Mraz plays in the background.

  • Poop

    what a douchebag

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  • Jedidumbasskicker

    Wow I just thought the same and scrolled down and read that comment.. I agree what a loser. The shark was harmless , should have just cut the line and all is well. I hope one day a great white reminds you of what being vulnerable is like…

  • ghost

    yeah, way to go. dick. here's an idea. cut the line, and let the shark live.

  • Lard1oflancade

    Atleast be a man and real the thing in.

  • Nida

    Wtf. Shooting the shark is the first thing that came to mind? Cutting the line is a smarter and better way to handle the situation. Why would you shoot something that didn't harm you and wasn't trying to? Wtf.

  • fshrmn w common sense

    Maybe he was going to eat the shark. He could have shot it so when he brings it on the boat it wont thrash around and bite someone's leg off. You guy's need to think outside the box here.

  • FACT

    That type of shark is already endangered…

  • FACT

    That type of shark is already endangered…

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