Korean StarCraft Player Demonstrates 300 Actions Per Minute


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  • Curtis

    Wonder how fast this kid text messages.

  • http://www.blogamer.fr/starcraft-300-actions-par-minute/ Blogamer.fr » Starcraft : 300 actions par minute

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  • Nickbrennan

    This is why I don't play Starcraft or Warcraft.

  • MichaelJacksonsGlove

    Or how fast he can finger a girl

  • Chasebassist

    or how fast he can send a message, VIA MORSE CODE?!?!!

  • http://digthegame.co.tv/?p=118 Korean StarCraft Player Demonstrates 300 Actions Per Minute

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  • Someone

    Good god get a f*ckiung life

  • N/A

    These guys have one. It consists of playing a game competetively for large cash prizes and thousands of fans, including a whole bunch of Korean girls. Beats the hell out of working as a cashier at the grocery store and spending weekends dragging drunken teenage girls to your apartment or whatever you do with your sad little life.

  • http://twitter.com/JimiDevine Jimi Devine

    But still have to worry about the north invading.

  • http://twitter.com/HardcorePwnstar Marc Reda

    Wow! A golf ball on a bungee rope! http://www.TheRopeIt.com

  • QuadraQ

    My question is if they are really doing much. From what I could tell a lot of it is just redundant clicking without much significance to gameplay. Not to say that APM isn't important at all, but it seems like a lot of it is just being twitchy for a high APM.

  • Intrepidonce

    They're not optimally utilizing all 300 actions no, but the idea is if your hands are able to move that fast than your strategies won't be hindered from physical performance. It's really a lot of twitching for the idea of keeping you moving fast. at times the game doesn't really require it, but if you slow down it could effect your reaction time when the heat is on. Hence a lot of repetitive fast clicks and movement.

  • Tougejoe

    wow. I've been plating games for about 20 years now. In those years I have never come across a situation which required such a spasm. Why in god's name is that needed. I mean, I beat the original contra (with the konami code of course). This is just crazy.

  • Merovingian

    An non of the actions were connected to the actions in the video..

  • Dude

    You never know about the Canadians. I think they're buying their time…

  • Fiasco

    This guy is a robot

  • Fiasco

    This guy is a robot

  • Fartface

    Your APM is arbitrary. It doesn’t make you better to throw in 4 or 5 extra command orders when attacking or moving. The guy is fast, but hes trying to build up a pointless stat with extra filler clicks and keystrokes.

  • Shogun Sama

    i think he’s refering to north korea

  • Mirtius

    You are wrong Fartface, or whatever you are…
    I know some guy who was 3rd in WCG, and he had 300 apm not for fun but to compete. You don’t click pointlessly but realize a strategy (wow, Starcraft is one) to fight. I am sure you never played in big tournament with success so you mr. are talking bullshit.

  • http://greatwhitenorthlibrarian.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/pc-gaming-aka-getting-my-ass-kicked-online/ PC Gaming – aka getting my ass kicked online « Great White North Librarian (err…Student)

    [...] Anyway, I think I will stick with my Xbox games from now, or wait until a new PC game comes out that I can play from the start before everyone else has amassed skills and knowledge. As I said before, some people do play StarCraft competitively, to get an idea how crazy good some of these players are, check out this video. http://videos.wildammo.com/2010/07/06/korean-starcraft-player-demonstrates-300-actions-per-minute/ [...]

  • http://wildammo.com/2011/06/23/why-korean-gamers-are-better-than-anyone-else/ Why Korean Gamers Are Better Than Anyone Else | WildAmmo.com

    [...] or controller, they just instantly win the match. We have covered videos of one of them showing off 300 APMs in StarCraft in the past but that is just one of the few games they are good at. What else makes Korean players [...]

  • http://www.retrospekt.com.au/2010/07/808053848/ Starcraft video on APM, Game Room games for this week, AVcon/Retrospekt update, and Release date for NBA JAM?

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