The Rebuttal: An EVO 4G Owner Walks Into An Apple Store

Check out the original here: EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper

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  • ReetSow

    Awwww, she is so cute

  • Maverickpwn

    This is no where near as witty as the original and relies massively on exaggeration.

  • Sleeplessone

    Not really, the battery life is complete crap if you use 4G.

    Of course you can only use the 4G if you in one of the extremely select areas that actually has it.

  • Tom

    my htc hero is a year old and holds a charge for 2 days with wifi gps bluetooth and pandora streaming. stop lying.

  • James

    This is not even close to as funny as the original one. It's mostly just spreading FUD about Android and exaggerating and even outright lying. The person who wrote this probably has never used a modern android phone and only heard about these problems on Apple forums.

  • Email

    script is still godawful…

  • Gfrf4

    lol htc evo 4g is better

  • 12centuries

    Yeah, this was gay. And lame.

  • A1721122

    wow i thought this would be some cool all out war. i have a iphone myself and i admit that its mostly because im a fanboy that i keep buying them … but this rebuttal is just so god damn bad.

    i think the Evo ppl made this to make us look fuk ass retarded


    Lame! Original was so much funnier and fewer lies (well, not sure but I haven't downloaded the app that makes my own private island then flies me there…)


    BTW, a few simple tweaks and you can make your battery last a lot longer, “There's an app for that”! LOL


    Yeah she expects to use video chat with 4g… does not work with iphone on anything except wifi!

  • you, get a life

    Evo ppl don't need to do anything to make apple fan boys look like “fuk ass retarded” because you do already. computers/phones are nothing more than tools, and the release of one piece of new hardware is only incentive for another company to try to be better than that, and that just means the consumer benefits–so long as you actually research and make educated decisions without pledging alliance to a specific brand just because it's CEO says it's new item is magical and revolutionary.

    can you say “signal reception problems due to careless shitty hardware design?”

  • DontLie

    Would've been better if it didn't lie about Android being a battery hog and unstable. I've used the iPhone 3GS, Eris, and Incredible; the Eris and Incredible had by far the best battery life. The incredible is the most stable of the three: No force closes, only 3% awake time (thank you 2.1).

  • IhateiPhone

    This video isn't as good because it's not making fun of the iPhone O.o

  • Nunya

    EVO for the win. Rebuttal not as funny.

  • Damani

    lol umad? not rly funny, just seemed like “uhh i like the iphone better so im going to make a video that uses curse words too” meh

  • Bob

    not as good as the evo vs. iphone because the iphone blows monkey balls, uppy apple user.

  • Dshnider

    How is this a logical rebuttal? A person who owns a non-Apple phone would never go to an iPhone store. You can't even setup a joke correctly or deliver in a way that is satirical. The entire video was just a list of facts about each phone and some vulgar words. At least you can type to make a video.

  • Tom

    It would have been good if any of the complaints about the Evo or Sprint were factual.

  • Pizza

    The only legitimate complaint was that 4G isn't everywhere, but it still works on 3G and I live in Portland so none of the complaints are legit. Way worse than the first video.

  • Mike

    the first mistake with this rebuttal is that an evo 4g user would never goto an apple store for shit :p

  • Jimster480

    Well this video is incorrect. I leave my EVO unplugged all day on Wi-FI monitoring my email and FB and at the end of the day it still has moer than 50% battery life left. Lets see an iPhone sit on Wifi all day without killing its battery. Oh wait, and I have FLASH, which loads fast as FUCK, all the apps work fine, everything loads fast, it can DL things from the internet onto the MicroSD, and it supports like every video format (so videos I get in attachments I can watch with no issues). I couldnt do any of these things on my iPod touch. And Sprint has spent more on its network in the past years than ANY OTHER WIRELESS COMPANY. Which is why 4G is available at all from Sprint today, and not available from anyone else. Nascar is just something they do on the side, that they inherited from Nextel.

  • Jimster480

    Do you actually know this for a fact? Have you USED 4G? Or are you just spreading FUD.


    its funny tht the only real thing u can make fun of is a terrible battery which is replacable and fucking nascar..iphone is lame as shit..


    its funny tht the only real thing u can make fun of is a terrible battery which is replacable and fucking nascar..iphone is lame as shit..

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