EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper

Check out the rebuttal here: An EVO 4G Owner Walks Into An Apple Store

  • Anjali Sharma

    Amazing iphone graphics!!

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  • cara smith

    its awesome!!

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  • Coleen Brown
  • Karzarski2

    This funny and sooo much alike in real life lol


  • http://blueshirttanpants.com Velahan

    There’s also the Man Freaks Out Because The Mall is Closed Parody


  • http://blueshirttanpants.com Velahan

    There's also the Man Freaks Out Because The Mall is Closed Parody


  • http://twitter.com/hackeron Roman Gaufman

    I wish this were true, unfortunately poor people get talked into buying the HTC piece of crap. It’s just clueless salesmen pushing devices purely on technical specs :(

  • http://quickhealthinfo.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/symptoms-breast-cancer/ Johnny

    Here there is another video like this one on youtube

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek Pani B

    Actually I have an HTC and it’s far better than an iphone in every way!

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek Pani B

    Sadly that “woman” epitomises how marketing is everything and product is irrelevant

  • Trogdor9312

    This is an awful video. Just retarded. Who the fuck took the time to make this?

  • fuck you

    yeah, except at&t’s network is fine, I know from experience, and the code is written better for the iPhone. My friend has a droid and the keyboard keeps crashing. the goddamn key board. that is a shitty product. the iPhone doesn’t have an SD card because that would make it slower. and the iPhone app market has more apps and better apps than all other app networks combined. and, Apple screens all of them so you don’t get what happened to droid users (personal information and money being stolen through code in shitty apps from the droid market) on the iPhone. And they are the only phone with a Retina screen, the highest resolution screen of any current phone. So what good is the resolution if your screen is shitty? Also the touch screen on every single touch screen available is shit compared to the iPhone’s touch screen. And htc has been making shitty phones for a decade or two, but it is only now making itself known. Its godamn history is only making shitty phones. My dad had an htc manufactured windows phone a few years before htc started making an image and he called it the iCrash because, like all other pc’s, IT CRASHED ALL THE FUCKING TIME! gtfo

  • Craig

    OMG you are like so right, i just hate it when my HTC phone has awesome specs, give me one that has iphone written on it instead…